In 2012. I became curious about the digital world, I say this because years ago as a child I had contact with a film camera. This curiosity has led me to explore on my own and discover this world.

Every artist is restless and incredulous and will never see his art completed, we always want more, that’s why I have participated in several events over the years and always showing the reality, I am a lover of non-fiction documentary and I have taken this essence in all my projects.

I always look for the magic of reality, angles, colors, sounds that awaken our senses and to capture them and live them through the years and, I think that’s my reality, to mark in time those moments that will not return.

There is a big difference between a film and a documentary, the film is related to fiction and the documentary to reality. I respect and embrace reality and above all make it transcend in my way of seeing without forcing it, so much so that the sound design is created from scratch, because for me the sound has to be created for the captured images and not the opposite.

And no two stories are the same. You are your own story and it is reality, just embrace it and let it mark you throughout the story.